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Alien Invasion

Time Loop
Giugno 9, 2021
Maggio 8, 2023


D irected by: Fred Searle

A group of friends discover a large egg nesting in their neighbour’s lab. When the egg hatches, they encounter an unwelcome predator from space and must attempt a harrowing escape, as they battle to stop the alien reaching civilization.

Cast: Amber Doig -Thorne (Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, Override, Summoning Bloody Mary 2)
Richard Kovacs (Hatched, The Gardener, Dragon Fury 2)
May Kelly (Winnie the pooh, Sky Monster, Rise of the loch ness, Graphic Desires)
Matthew Baunsgard (Alien Abduction, Legend of the Lizard Man, Slasher House 3 Rebooted)
Sarah T. Cohen (Return of the Salem Witch, Curse of Jack Frost, Jurassic Island, The Gardener, Medusa)
Writer: Craig McLearie
Producers: Scott Jeffrey, Rebecca Matthews, Samantha Richardson, Matteo Rolleri
Status: Finished
Run Time: 90 min
Language: English