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Camp Wedding

Halloween at Aunt Ethel’s
Giugno 15, 2021
The Living Dead
Giugno 9, 2021


D irected by: Greg Emetaz

Starring: Kelley Gates, Cadden Jones, Wendy Jung, David Pegram, Adam Santos-Coy

Synopsis: Friday 13th meets Bridesmaids!
A group of friends head to a summer camp that was closed in the 80s to celebrate a marriage. When strange things start happening and the guests begin disappearing, the bride must solve the camp's dark secrets to save her wedding. Nothing will stop her, not even an evil possessed teddy bear!

Reviews: Modern Horrors: "Camp Wedding is a subversive, comedic horror romp"
Grit Daily: "Camp Wedding is Hollywood’s new ‘Black Mirror’ on social media obsession"

Award: Best Feature Audience Award - Nevermore USA
Best Director - Canal De Panama Int'l Film Festival USA