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Some Kind of Hate
Giugno 15, 2021
Giugno 11, 2021


D irected by: Bradley King

Starring: Danielle Panabaker (The Flash/Marvel, Friday the 13th, Mr Brooks, The Crazies, Piranha 3D, Girls Against Boys) Matt O'leary (Stung, The Lone Ranger)

Story: In a sleepy apartment building, three 20-something roommates discover their scientist neighbor dead. Within his apartment they find a giant experimental machine that takes pictures 24 hours into the future. The camera is aimed into the trio's apartment, continuing to run and showing glimpses of their life a day in advance.
Armed with this revelation, the three conspire to exploit the machine's abilities. After enjoying the power of being one step ahead in life, disturbing images begin to arrive. A tense love-triangle emerges, and a sinister enemy begins sniffing around. The relationships begin to unravel and the trio descends into a dark future they no longer have control of.

WINNER FantaFestival Rome Best Foreign Film
WINNER London Independent Best International Feature
WINNER London Independent Best Actress
WINNER Fantaspoa Audience Award
WINNER Feratum Best Sci-Fi Award
WINNER Trieste Science + Fiction Best Picture
WINNER Ithaca Fantastic Festival Best Picture
WINNER Orlando Film Festival Best Screenplay
WINNER Shriekfest Best Sci-Fi
WINNER Thriller Chiller Best Feature
WINNER Twin Cities Film Festival Indie Vision Breakthrougth
WINNER Maverick Movie Awards Best Screenplay
WINNER Burbank International Film Festival Best Sci-Fi Feature
WINNER Portsmouth International Festival Best Feature/Director
WINNER Atalanta Film Festival Best Picture
WINNER Hawaii Big Island Festival Best Feature
WINNER Rhode Island Vortex Award Best Sci-Fi Feature

Reviews: Variety: “…clever fantasy thriller…an ingenious narrative measured out in unhurried yet always-engaging terms.”
Hollywood Reporter: "sci-fi debut makes the most of a simple brain-teasing premise"
London Evening Standard: “A brain-twisting thriller”
Twitch : "A Sharply Written Indie Sci-Fi Picture"
Moviescope: "A smart and gripping film” 4Stars
Yell!Magazine: " a near Hitchcockian film, but with a Rod Serling vision" 4Stars

THEATRICAL USA RELEASE 2015 by Xlrator Media

Official selection: Fantasia 2014
Calgary International Film Festival 2014
Toronto after Dark 2014
FantasyFilmFest 2014
Fantastic Planet Sidney 2014
Viennale 2014
Sci-Fi London 2014
UK film Festival 2014
Indie Memphis 2014
La Mano Festival 2014
Oldenburg 2014
Rojo Sangre 2014
Flyway Film Festival 2014
NY Horror Film Festival 2014
Zinema Zombiefest 2014
Other World Austin 2014
The American Film Festival Russia 2014
Paris International Fantastic Film Festival 2014
Brussel Fantastic Film Festival 2014
FilmFest Osnabrück 2014
Pifan 2014
Revelation Perth 2014