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Medusa’s Venom

Beneath the Surface
Novembre 11, 2021
Alien Invasion
Gennaio 26, 2023


D irected by: Chase Martins

The beast is back and her venom is deadlier than ever. When newcomer Lola is welcomed into Medusa’s circle, she endures a ritual to bring her closer to her new sisters, but what awaits her is more powerful and dangerous than she ever imagined.

Cast: Becca Hirani (Rise of the Loch Ness, It Came from Below) May Kelly (Dark Portal, Alien Invasion, Sky Monster) Connor Powles (The Lost Island) Sarah T. Cohen (The Killing Tree, Curse of Jack Frost) Rita Di Tuccio (Reign of Chaos) Ella Starbuck (As Strange as Angels) Katiris Cooper (The Curse of Jack Frost).
Writer: Craig McLearie
Producers: Scott Jeffrey, Rebecca Matthews, Samantha Richardson, Matteo Rolleri
Status: Finished
Run Time: 90 min
Language: English