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Alien Invasion
Gennaio 26, 2023


D irected by: Dominic Brunt, Jamie Lundy

Synopsis: When young girl Evie finds a cursed necklace washed up at the seaside, she doesn't realize the evil presence connected to it. As its power takes hold of her, she unleashes a deadly water demon that wants to claim her and those she loves.

Cast: AHolli Dempsey (Hulu's Harlots, Derek, After life) Jay Taylor (Donkey Punch, Rise of the foot soldier), Michael Smiley (Gunpowder milkshake, The Nun, Tulip Fever, Madame) Liam McMahon (Billionaire Ransom, '71), Joanne Mitchell (Habit, Bait)
Writer: Dominic Brunt, Jamie Lundy
Producers: Jamie Lundy
Status: Finished
Run Time: 84 min
Language: English