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Dead Dicks

Giugno 14, 2021
The Axiom
Giugno 13, 2021


D irected by: Chris Bavota, Lee Paula Springer

Starring: Matt Keyes (Dark Phoenix, Minutes Past Midnight) Heston Horwin (Rock Steady Row) and Jillian Harris.

Synopsis: Becca finds a collection of her brother’s clones in his apartment and discovers that his body has been copied by a supernatural entity growing in his bedroom.

Festivals: Fantasia International - Audience Award Winner - Grimmfest - Leeds Int'l - Night Visions - Blood in the Snow - Another Hole in the Head

Reviews:Rue-Morgue “A major discovery at this year’s Fantasia Festival, it delivers on the creep factor” Nerdly ‘’One of the most touching, powerful and emotional stories ever told in the genre’’ UK Film Review ‘'A Cronenberg-inflected science-fiction piece