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Dead Dicks
Giugno 13, 2021
Dead Dicks
Giugno 13, 2021


D irected by: Kurtis David Harder

Official Selection Calgary Film Festival and FrightFest London

Starring: Levi meaden (Pacific Rim: Maelstrom Leading role Ilya), Aftermath (13 episodes on Syfy), The Killing (Netflix Original), Rory J. Saper (The Legend of Tarzan leading role Young Tarzan), Anja Savcic (Extraterrestrial), Brittany Allen (It Stains the Sands Red, Extraterrestrial).

Reviews: Starburst: "Incontrol is a slickly made piece of virtual reality with a hint of Flatliners"
SciFINOW: "Incontrol is a speculative poem wherein postmodern identity becomes its own special form of priso"
Sight and Sound: " increasingly paranoid sci-fi thriller!"
Nerdly: "Incontrol will make you think and I think that is something that is lacking in contemporary cinema"

Story: Incontrol follows a group of university students who discover a device, that allows them to take control of others and experience the World through someone else's body. As they push the machine's abilities to its limits, they don’t realise their own lives have been manipulated & they descend into a nightmare with no return.