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The Nanny’s Night
Febbraio 11, 2022
The Occupant
Giugno 14, 2021


D irected by: Jonathan Zaurin

Starring: Pat Garrett (Little Shop of Horrors) Ellie Jeffreys (Jack Falls), Ben Manning (The Snarling), Pete Bird, Mike Coombes, Pablo Raybould, Ayvianna Snow (The Convent, The Lockdown Hauntings, Vampire Virus, The Seven).

Synopsis A woman with early signs of Alzheimers begins to have lucid dreams and nightmares that a living Punch puppet has moved in with her and her family. As her loss of reality and symptoms worsen, she uncovers something sinister is observing her every move and preparing a darkness that leads her into a frenzied and terrifying confrontation.